Question updates

For Spiritual Pursuit

Due to Calendar Changes

Following the full implementation of the Bahá’í calendar, some of the answers need to be modified to ensure accuracy. Details are listed below:

Card 2, Calendar question: As this question does not define whether it refers to the original event or its commemoration, please accept a date of around 9th July, or alternatively 17 Rahmat.

Card 8, Administration question: please accept a date of around 21st April, or 13 Jalál, or the First Day of Ridván.

Card 9, Calendar question: please accept a date of around 26th November, or 4 Qawl.

Card 32, Calendar question: please accept a date of around 29th April, or 2 Jamál.

Card 35, Calendar question: please accept a date of around 21st April, or 13 Jalál.

Card 38, Calendar question: please accept a date of around 2nd May, or 5 Jamál.

Note: this information is intended for copies of the second (2008) edition of the game. Question numbers may vary from the first edition.


Warwick Bahá’í Bookshop is pleased to say that the game has proved remarkably free from mistakes in its questions and answers. However, some queries have recently arisen, and so we would like to suggest the following updates:

First Edition “Hard” question card 19

Second Edition “Harder” question card 19

Category: Famous Bahá’ís

Problem: Richard St. Barbe Baker and Norman Bailey did not receive identical awards.

Suggested new question:

What award was Norman Bailey, the opera singer, given by the British government?

Answer: C.B.E. (Commander of the Order of the British Empire)

First Edition “Easy” question card 1

Second Edition “Regular” question card 1

Category: Temples and Holy Places

Problem: Some of the later Houses of Worship do not obviously have tiers or levels in their construction.

Suggested new question:

How many tiers are there in the construction of the House of Worship in Wilmette?

Answer: Three

First Edition “Easy” question card 38

Second edition “Regular” card 38

Category: `Abdu’l-Bahá

Problem: Although books on Hands of the Cause, and “Memorials Of The Faithful” give the names of four believers mentioned by `Abdu’l-Bahá as being “Hands of the Cause”, further research seems to be turning up more possible names.

Suggested new question:

In to the book “Memorials Of The Faithful”, how many people were referred to as Hands of the Cause by `Abdu’l-Bahá?

Answer: Four

First Edition “Easy” card 20

Second edition “Regular” card 20

Category: The Báb

Problem: Apparently the Báb had already written one work before His declaration to Mullá Husayn. According to Bábí scholar Todd Lawson, the Báb’s first work was Tafsír-i-súrih-i-baqarih or “Commentary on the Surih of the Cow”.
Suggested new question:

What was the title of the work which the Báb first revealed to Mullá Husayn?
Answer: The Súrih of Mulk (The Commentary on the Súrih of Joseph)

First Edition “Hard” card 21

Second Edition “Harder” card 28

Category: Temples and Holy Places

Problem: The question asks which Temple featured on a national postage stamp in 1984. The stamp was actually issued late in 1983.

Suggested new question: change 1984 to 1983.

Answer: The Panama Temple.

First Edition “Easy” card 4.

Second Edition “Regular” card 4.

Category: Famous Bahá’ís

Problem: The answer on the card gives “Archdeacon of Clonfert” as the post which George Townshend had to give up as a Bahá’í. However, at the same time he held the post of Canon of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.
Answer: Either answer should be accepted.

First Edition “Easy” card 30

Second edition “Regular” card 30.

Category: Famous Bahá’ís

Problem: The popular idea that Thomas Breakwell was the first English Bahá’í is incorrect. Ethel Rosenberg declared two years before him.

Answer: Ethel Rosenberg.

Second edition: Bonus card 26

Category: This and That

Problem: Rúhiyyih Khánum did not pass on to the Abhá Kingdom in 1999, but in January, 2000

Answer: 2000

First Edition: “Easy” card 40
Second Edition: “Regular” card 37

Category: Other Messengers

Problem: Krishna is often listed as the eighth avatar of Vishnu.

Suggested new question: In the Dashavatara, Krishna is the eighth Avatar (Manifestation) of Vishnu (God). If Bahá’u’lláh was the tenth, Who do Hindus think was the ninth?

Answer: The Buddha (Gautama).

First Edition: “Hard” card 19

Second Edition: “Harder” card 19

Category: Temples and Holy Places

Problem: The marble for the Shrine of the Báb came from Chiampo, in Italy

Answer: Chiampo, in Italy