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Photographs of the Bahá’í Houses of Worship

£2 for a set of 9 photos on card, A5 size, plus postage.

Spiritual Pursuit 

Spiritual Pursuit is a Bahá’í quiz game, played on a board. Players pursue one another round the board by answering questions on spiritual topics. The board is divided into ten sections, on subjects such as Bahá’u’lláh, The Writings, Administration and Other Messengers. Each player has to collect six points to complete a section, which is accomplished by answering questions.

The questions are on three levels. The “Regular” questions have the option of multiple choice. There are also “Harder” questions to challenge the experts! There are also “Starter” questions now included, making it easier for children, new Bahá’ís or friends to participate, see below for details of these.

This edition has also been improved by making the “Bonus” questions also multiple choice.  There are mechanisms built into the game to ensure that people do not get stuck on one section. The game can be played by individuals or teams or a combination of both. The rules can be varied to suit virtually any circumstances or group of people, in order to give everyone a fair chance.

The revised edition was improved so that all of the questions, except the “Harder” ones, have the option of multiple choice, making it easier for beginners.

Unfortunately, we have sold all of our complete games now with pre-printed smart-looking boxes. However, we can make up several sets which will be virtually complete – everything the same except that there will be fewer rings to put on the playing posts (please note that the game can still be played with no rings at all) and a new box (pictured). This is a packaging-style box, not so nice-looking, but very sturdy and safe to keep everything inside. These sets are being sold for £15, plus £5 postage within the UK. Please contact us if you would like one of these sets. Unfortunately it seems to be extremely expensive to ship this box overseas.  

Please note: updates for the Spiritual Pursuit game are available, taking into account the full implementation of the Bahá’í calendar:

A set of very simple Bahá’í quiz questions

These “Starter” cards can be used on their own, or as part of the Spiritual Pursuit board game. There are 300 questions spread over 30 cards. The questions are designed for children or for those who know little or nothing about the Bahá’í Faith. For each question there are just two answers to choose between, and many of the answers are easy to guess. The questions are intended to be simpler than any which previously existed in Spiritual Pursuit.

These would make an ideal Ayyám-i-Há, Naw Rúz or birthday gift!

£2.50 a set, plus £1.32 postage within the UK. To enquire about multiple sets or overseas postage, mail us at enquiries@warwickbahaibookshop.co.uk